Graduation Hoods

Graduation hoods are even more varied than graduation gowns. This is because hoods are used not only to distinguish between universities, colleges and institutions, but also between awards, disciplines, and faculties. Be careful when buying a hood to ensure that the colours, shape and pattern are correct, especially if yuo plan to graduate in it - get it slightly wrong and you will stand out from your friends for all the wrong reasons, and the University may even stop you graduating if your academic dress is incorrect. 

Graduation hoods can be very flamboyant and add real colour to the graduation ceremony and your photographs. It has been estimated that the number of gown and hood combinations in the UK is around 20,000, and getting the correct graduation hood can be rather complicated without expert advice. 

At Your Graduation we pride ourselves on making hoods of the highest quality which meet the stringent regulations of the institutions for which we manufacture, and you should have no problems about graduating in a hood we have said is suitable for yuor institution.  

We also offer a design service for graduation hoods so if you are interested in having a hood designed whether for your institution or simply for your own collection, please contact us.